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Наше кредо

That red was the red of blood in more than a fanciful way. As the Trantorian Republic became Trantorian Confederation and then the Trantorian Empire, its advance had lain through a tangled forest of gutted men, gutted ships, and gutted worlds. Yet through it all Trantor had become strong and within the red there was peace.

Now Trantor trembled at the brink of a new conversion: from Trantorian Empire to Galactic Empire and then the red would engulf all the stars and there would be universal peace — pax Trantorica.

Abel wanted that. Five hundreds years ago, four hundreds years ago, even two hundreds years ago, he would have opposed Trantor as an unpleasant nest of nasty, materialistic and aggressive people, careless of the rights of others, imperfectly democratic at home though quick to see the minor slaveries of others, and greedy without end. But the time had passed for all that.

He was not for Trantor, but for the all-embracing end that Trantor represented. So the question: How will this help Galactic peace? naturally became: How will this help Trantor?

«The currents of space»

Being a soldier isn't just following orders, it's following those orders in the service of a higher cause. When that cause is betrayed, we're not soldiers anymore — just pieces on a chess board dying for the wrong reasons.

Gen. Sam Carter, «Deus Ex»

Генрих. Но позвольте! Если глубоко рассмотреть, то я лично ни в чем не виноват. Меня так учили.

Ланцелот. Всех учили. Но зачем ты оказался первым учеником, скотина такая?




В Майами школьная директриса довела 6-летнего пацана до того, что тот разбил стекло у какой-то фортографии и начал размахивать осколком. После чего была вызвана полиция, которая не нашла ничего лучшего, кроме как разрядить в «малолетнего хулигана» 50 тыс. вольт. «Для его же безопасности», как водится.